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Journals For Engineering Research In Iraq

Posted Date : 01 May, 2022

Journals For Engineering Research In Iraq

Engineering is the branch of science and technology that is concerned with design, building and use of machineries and their structures. It has been running down from an ancient period and most of the people have read about the engineers of earlier times. There has been a drastic change over the years in the engineering industry of Iraq and today, the journals are used to acquire the authentic information. Research journals for engineering approved by Ministry of Higher Education are the documents in which the day to day record is kept about any kind of research, information or a design in which any researcher can Submit his/her paper for publication.


Research Journals For Engineering

The research journals approved by ministry of higher education for engineering are those documents that disseminate the technical information and working mechanism of interest to researchers and designers in all fields of ugc approved list of journals in engineering. This includes the sample papers that present the result of the practical performed. The content of the books is also prepared that is included in the journals itself.


The Methodology

Methodology is crucial for any kind of branch in ugc approved engineering subjects because if the method is unreliable then the result will also be unreliable and this as a consequence undermines the value of findings. Different ways can be used for finding a solution to a problem but an explanation for using the same has to be given so as to clear any type of query that may rise in the mind of reader.


Benefits of a Research Journal

Engineering is field that requires a lot of presentation that turns into working models. Research journal for engineering field phd topics are meant for noting down what all an individual was thinking throughout the research. It is not a necessity to show it to the senior or the supervisor unless the body of the content has been finalized by you. It can be used as an apprentice that reflects the research paper publication by an individual. It holds a list of benefits like:-

·    Practice Of Writing- Many researchers and students find writing challenging but the ugc approved journals keep in you the flow writing. This helps in knowing what you’re writing as at that time you can write in the words that are easily understood by you.

·    Clarifying The Ideas- If you’re unsure about your ideas or analysis, you can try out to re-write it after clarifying the ideas that weren’t understood at first.

·    Information Bank- The ugc indexed journal becomes an information bank when you start making the final project as it already includes the important information that was found useful in your own words.

Iraq is steadily growing in the fields of engineering, so the research journals are made available to the people and the researchers that need any kind of information related to their field and ugc care listed journals. Through index, sections of a journal can be viewed conveniently.



Research journals for engineering recommended for scientific promotion by Ministry of Higher Education should be treated like a diary. Noting down information on daily basis increases the comfort of preparing the final project report instead of being stuck and looking for the required facts. One should not hesitate in writing a paper to publish in a ugc approved journal as it is just made for own convenience.   

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