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medical journals in India

Posted Date : 01 May, 2022

Learn about latest advancements through medical journals in India

They say that the only thing which is constant is change and how true it is when it comes to the field of science and technology. While all streams of science are changing rapidly, medical science is nowhere lagging and is constantly getting developed with new researches and findings. It is very important to keep pace with the growing knowledge levels in the field of medical science, or else one would be considered outdated and would not have any value. Here comes the benefit of reading the various ugc approved medical journals in India that has all the latest news and information on the progress, discoveries and inventions that are happening globally in the field of medicine journals in ugc care list.

Benefits of journals

The journals that are published online on various portals help in the release of various unpublished novels, research works, and latest updates on various areas of all streams of medical science. Pubmed indexed and MCI Approved Journals Articles on ophthalmology, bio chemistry, urology, dentistry, latest discoveries in the field of neuroscience, cancer research, diabetes and many other departments of medicine serve as a perfect and easy way of serving the information to a large mass without hassles.

Many medical journals in India are Pubmed indexed, MCI Approved and monthly publications, while some are issued on a bimonthly or quarterly basis. These journals attract scientists, research scholars to write about their work, their experiments and their stories of success, and share it with the common men and fellow colleagues in the field of medical science.

A strong review process is incorporated

The publishing portals of the mci indexed medical journals make the job of the scientists and scholars easy by keeping a simple and uncomplicated submission and review process of their entries. They appoint a highly competent and knowledgeable panel of reviewers who possess the competence to validate the contents of the articles that are being submitted to be published in the journals. The review process in ugc approved list is important as any wrong update in any of the topics could lead to high levels of confusion, as entries in ugc approved journals serve as a source of knowledge for many subsequent research works.

While there is usually a nominal fee that is to be paid by the submitter of the articles, but then the online publishers in ugc care list also tend to sponsor entries in the journal for needful candidates whose papers contain high quality information. All in all, publishing of knowledge in the medical journals approved by ugc care list helps a lot in the whole process of advancement of medical science.