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Getting your Medical Journals published in India

Posted Date : 01 May, 2022

Getting your Medical Journals published in India

Getting your journals posted with a reputed publisher is not that a difficult task to do. However, when we talk about medical journals, they are quite difficult to publish with authenticity. But, these days, there are several websites that are in the business of publishing medical journals. And, when we are talking about publishing, there are several websites that do posting of Medical Journals in India. You can always opt for their expertise.

So let us take a look at the type of services they offer to all their writers and people who want to publish their work for various reasons. Let’s comprehend the work these article and medical journal publishing websites offer to all their clients. 

How can you submit your article?

If you wish to submit a medical journal indexed in pubmed or MCI, then you can easily do it either by e-mail or even using online submission forms. These websites also offer 24 x 7 support to all their writers so that any questions from them can be answered instantly. This is a very convenient way to actually answer all questions or troubleshoot any issues.

These websites duly publish all important and worthy articles; so if you have any written articles that are waiting to be published in ugc care list of journals, then you can opt for these websites.


Can I get a copyright slip?

Of course, these websites provide copyright slips to all their writers. If your journal or article is successfully published or selected, then you can easily get your copyright slip. In fact, you will also receive a signed slip.


What if there is any issue?

Of course, there are 24 x 7 helplines; however, you can also get your queries answered using the contact us page on their website. Their support executives are more than willing to help you.  


Can I get a copy of my journal?


Well, you can always check and get your online journal and download the soft copy, and even print it the way you like. Most websites offer this service at no extra cost; hence you can download your selected articles and journals in ugc care list with great ease.  

And if you insist, some of the ugc approved journal-publication websites also send free hard copy of certificates to all their writers. In fact, if you are in India, then they can mail it to you to your address so that you can have your hard copy certification in hand.

For more information, you can always call them or meet them personally.