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International Online Journals Haryana India

Posted Date : 01 May, 2022

International Online Journals Haryana India

Enhanced Research (ER) Publications is a ugc approved publications counted among the leading international online journal publishers in Haryana, India. An international publisher, distributor and a subscription agent of international journals with a high impact factor, it covers a wide range of subjects for the benefit of the readers across the world. Being an association of world-class researchers, engineers, scholars, scientists, professors and various other academic professionals, it is our responsibility to publish genuine and quality work. The success of our company can be attributed to our national and an international Advisory Editorial Board, consisting of experienced professionals from the best universities and institutions in India, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Algeria, Russia, Malaysia and many other countries. One of the branch is also located at Rohtak, Haryana, India

ER Publications’ primary aim has always been to reach out to readers across the world and deliver them excellent reading materials. We publish these journals online so that these can be easily accessed by them and they can engage in the knowledge sharing process without spending and exorbitant amount of money. The disciplines we cover include engineering, science, technology, business, management, medicines, healthcare, educational development and all computer-based applications. We have been able to create a huge readership for our journals due to our outstanding online materials. Approach us if you are looking for publishing outstanding international journals in Haryana. All we work for is to enhancing the level of online international journal publishing services in the country and the world.