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Vol.1, Issue 1 (October 2012)

IJERMCA invites unpublished manuscripts, research/review articles, short notes for publication in its first inaugural issue Vol.1, Issue 1 to be published on 31st Oct., 2012

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Finger rotation detection using a Color Pattern Mask, Page-(1-8)

V. Shishir Reddy, V. Raghuveer , R. Hithesh, J. Vamsi Krishna, , R. Pratesh Kumar Reddy, K. Chandra Lohit,


Finger Gesture Based Tablet Interface, Page-(9-13)

V. Shishir Reddy, V. Raghuveer, R. Hithesh, R. Pratesh Kumar Reddy, J. Vamsi Krishna, K. Chandra Lohit,


Network Virtualization via Cloud Computing and its Security Issues, Page-(14-19)

Nikhil Pandya , Jaipur ,


Software Security Risks in Mobile E-Commerce, Page-(20-26)

Yeddula Venkatramana Reddy, Member IEEE,


Integrate Military with Distributed Cloud Computing and Secure Virtualization, Page-(27-31)



Insurance Claims: A Computer Forensic Approach, Page-(32-35)

Ivneet Singh


Security in Wireless Sensor Networks, Page (36-40)

Yeddula Venkatramana Reddy, Member IEEE,


An Overview to various Digital Halftone Processing Techniques



सन 2000 में हरियाणा विधानसभा चुनाव एवं राजनैतिक दलों की स्थिति

कुलभूषण शर्मा,


Art of Storytelling through “Illustrations”

Bindulika Sharma,