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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Juvenile Delinquents and Adolescents

Author Name : Kadim Lovakumari

Publisher Name : Enhanced Research Publications

ISBN-No.: 978-81-951756-2-8

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The present study aims to investigate systematically through cognitive behaviour therapy to decrease delinquent behaviour in juveniles or adolescents. The Visakhapatnam district has taken as the study area, and a sample of 150 respondents covered (75 males 75 females, ages 13 to 18 years) from boys and girls juvenile homes. The data collected by Achenbach's youth self-report questionnaire (2001), Bell adjustment inventory scale (1962): Scales make use to measures emotional and behavioural problems, thinking problem, and adjustment of adolescents. Data obtained processed with SPSS software to find out the results. Cognitive behaviour therapy treatment helps patients identify and change thinking and behaviour patterns that affect harmful or hopeless, replacing them with more accurate thinking and functional behaviours. Cognitive behaviour therapy often involves practising new skills in the real world interpersonal therapy. Cognitive behaviour therapy makes change thought pattern, conscious and unconscious beliefs, our attitudes. Ultimately to help us face difficulties and achieve our goals.


Cognitive behaviourtherapy, Emotional and behavioural problems, Anxious/Depressed,   thinking problems, Antisocial behavioural problems, Adjustment, Emotionality adjustment, Juvenile delinquents, adolescents