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About Us

Introduction :-


Enhanced Research (ER) Publications is one of the leading International Publishers, Distributors and Subscription Agents of National and International Research Journals, Academic Books, Technical Books, e-books, newsletters and innovative magazines. ER Publications have different types of four International UGC Approved, Free Publication Certificates, Free Crossref DOI Indexing, Free Publication Guidance, Peer Reviewed/Refereed and Indexed Journals with high #Impact Factor which publishes high quality manuscripts on monthly & bi-monthly basis. All the journals are indexed in Google Scholar, Thomson Reuters Endnotes, Europeana Libraries and many more national & International libraries alongwith UGC Approved list of Journals. It is an association of a number of researchers, scientists, engineers, scholars, Professors and academic professionals supported by an International and National Advisory Editorial Board consisting of outstanding individuals representing many well-known universities and organizations in India, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Algeria, Russia, Malaysia and many more.


ER Publications INDIA, one of the largest international book publishers in the World which publishes over 50 countries worldwide. ER Publications imprints include all kind of Books, Journals, Magazines and Articles covering all of the research areas. ER Publications also organizes many National and International Conferences/Seminars/Workshops at different places in the world.

Enhanced Research Publications is among the top publishers in India and overseas. ER Publications India is one of the newest and fastest growing publishers in the World today. 

ER Publications India has, until recently, been publishing new imprints to cover Science and Technology Books, Education Books, Academic Books, Text Books, Literature and Language Books, Poetry books, comedy and children books and its local commercial fiction and non-fiction publishing.


ER Publications India publishes in both print and digital media to serve the needs of authors and academicians at all levels and the scholarly community as a whole. We ensure that every title benefits from our challenging professional standards from copyediting to layout, production and use of new technologies. We also make sure that our books are perfectly panned and distributed in the market channel physically and online databases to reach our primary audience – students, teachers, research scholars, authors, writers, libraries, bookstores, global web portals and electronic and national and international databases.


We are committed to publish globally oriented, high quality research articles at the lowest possible cost with the highest possible world-wide access. We publish original research articles, review articles, short notes and conference proceedings on request by checking the best quality in books, magazines and articles as well.


With all the published books and research journals, we are trying to give a significant contribution to enhance the impact of research in areas like engineering, science, management, business, education, medicines, health care and all types of computer applications. The articles published in our journals can be accessed easily online all over the world. Serious efforts are being taken to promote the quality research across the world. 


Journal's Aims and Scope


Enhanced Research Publications Open publishes peer-reviewed, original research and review articles in an open access format. Accepted articles span the full extent of the social and behavioral sciences and the humanities.


Enhanced Research Publications Open aims to be the world's most important social science journal. The journal evaluates the research methods of each article for validity and accepts articles solely on the basis of the research. Likewise, by not restricting papers to a narrow discipline, Enhanced Research Publications Open facilitates the discovery of the connections between papers, whether within or between disciplines.


Enhanced Research Publications Open offers authors a continuous-publication format and global distribution for their research via Enhanced Research Publications Journals Online. All articles are professionally copyedited and typeset to ensure quality.


Those who should submit to Enhanced Research Publications Open include:


  • Authors who want their articles to receive quality reviews and efficient production.
  • Authors who want their articles to receive free, broad, and global distribution on a powerful, highly discoverable publishing platform.
  • Authors who want their articles branded and marketed by a world-leading social science publisher.
  • Authors who want or need their articles to be open access because of university or government mandates.
  • Free Publication Certificates, Free Crossref DOI Indexing, Free Publication Guidance.



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