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Space Management in Pedodontics using Removable & Fixed Appliances

Author Name : Dr. Swati Garg

Publisher Name : ER Publications, India

ISBN-No.: 978-81-937741-8-2

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Space Management in Pedodontics using Removable & Fixed Appliances

ISBN : 978-81-937741-8-2


Pediatric dentistry has shifted from a preventive and conservative restorative approach towards a concept of complete pediatric dental care. Thus, it has now become the responsibility of pediatric dentist to take care of all the aspects of oral health care including diagnosis, prevention, restoration and correction of malocclusion.

Prevention and interception of developing malocclusion emphasizes on the appliances like space maintainers and regainers whereas correction of malocclusion stresses upon space creation and space utilization using various appliances.      

Dr. Charles. H. Tweed, after countless failures and unsatisfied with the stability following   non-extraction treatment, came up with the extraction of four first premolars in correction of malocclusion. Levern Merrifeld introduced the removal of those teeth that would that would best produce balance, harmony and facial proportion within the craniofacial complex. With extraction as a method of gaining space, space closure became subsequently important. Although space closure is sometimes needed in non extraction cases, the subject is generally discussed relative to premolar extraction cases.


Dr. Swati Garg