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Sustainable Resource Management: Key Issues, Opportunities and Challenges

Author Name : Dr. Yashodhara Shrikant Varale, Dr. Priya Rajesh Parkar, Dr. Amit Shrikant Varale

Publisher Name : Enhanced Research Publications

ISBN-No.: 978-81-951756-0-4

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We are happy to publish the most awaited e-book- “Sustainable Global Resource Management: Key Issues, Opportunities and Challenges”. The sustainable resource management is the practice of planning, scheduling, and allocating people, money, and technology to a project or program for its optimum benefits without disrupting the underlying ecosystem. In essence, it is the process of allocating resources to achieve the greatest value. In the process of resource management, the People, Capital and Goods (or Material) play very crucial role.


The strength of this e-book lies in thechaptersincluded from authors possessing multidisciplinary background.This is perhaps, the early efforts to bring scholars from different disciplines on the common platform to share their views and contribution on the significant theme of sustainable global resource management. The authors from Botany, Geology, Geography, Environmental Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Accountancy have enriched the e-book with inputs from different perspectives.


This e-book discusses variedenvironmental issues and concerns towards rapidly dwindling global and local resources in terms of quality and quantity,unequitable access of resources to vulnerable and marginalised groups, global citizenship and stewardship for environment management and conservation, extensive use of the renewable energy,green consumerism, and explores innovative solutions to the such environmental issues.Thise-book extends its coverage beyond natural resources and also considers manmade resources and even includes personal financial resource management.