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Indexed Journals in UGC Care List

Posted Date : 01 May, 2022

Knowing the Indexed Journals in UGC Care List

Indexed journalin ugccare is something that doesn’t catch attention of all. This probably happens because people get confused as the word journal holds different meanings. Journal means a daily record of events. Common examples are the diaries and newspapers as they also have a record of an event or occurrence. In its academic use, journal refers to a serious and scholarly article or a publication that is ugc approved, peer-reviewed refereed journal and then edited if required. Since there’s no doubt left that raises any query, the next clarification is about indexing. Indexing, in the field of publication, means a detailed list arranged in an alphabetic manner for an easy access of specific information to public. Read below for more information.


Why Indexing in ugc care list is Important?

Indexing is sort of advertising in an informative way that has pillars advocating it and they are:-

·    Wider Accessibility- Indexing helps the journal to achieve the main purpose of reaching a large number of audiences easily.

·    Improves Reputation- When a journal becomes easily accessible it enhances the reliability as the information provided is extremely productive.

·    Researched Database- Information that is well investigated and researched is taken as an apprentice by many for various purposes. This again, improves the readership.

·    Well Known Database- If your journal is registered on a well known database it will automatically look well established and will attract many visitors for providing relevant information.


How ugc care list indexing Works?

Once a database is indexed in a ugc care list of journals then it automatically becomes available to all the users of that particular database. The databases usually index the titles, articles and references. Some are affiliated to institutes in many countries whereas some are provided by private publishers.


Getting Your Journal Indexed in UGC care list

There are 4 factors that advocate this important step that determines the visibility to the users. These 4 factors are defined below:-

·    Select The Right Database- In whichever country you reside, make sure that you select a database that completely index journals related with your field. Keeping in mind with the features will also help as there are some databases that provide only the index abstracts and it will allow the users to access only relevant abstracts of the articles from your journal.

·    Understand The Selection Process- Typically, to get indexed, a journal has to submit a formal application with the authentic documents in support. If it matches the criteria it gets indexed but, if the requirements aren’t met, some changes have to be introduced to journal workflow.

·    Smooth Process- Ensure that the journal meets the industry requirements like author friendly, timely reviews, easy accessibility etc.

·    Multiple Provision- Approach a company that provides multiple indexes so that the chances of visibility increase.



Getting registered on a platformwhere more visitors can easily access you is a beneficial thing that an individual should publish paper in ugc certified journals list. Index journals in ugc approved list provide complete information that is verified by the database and only then put forward as it becomes eligible for viewing in latest ugc care list of journals