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Vol. 4, Issue 6 (June 2015)

Papers are being invited from the authors/researchers for publication in the IJERSTE Vol. 4, Issue 6, June-2015, Impact Factor: 1.252. Manuscripts are being uploaded soon after the Reviewer's decision and submission of copyright form & Processing charges by the Authors. We always appreciate your valuable contributions and kind suggestions.

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Power Quality improvement using passive shunt filter

Pranjali Bafila,


Comparative Study of PAPR ReductionTechniques in OFDM

Sanraj Singh Tomer, Dr. Col. Suresh Kumar,


Design and Control of PMSM for In-Wheel Motor Electric Vehicle Application Based on 3D Transient FEA

Anis Njeh, Hafedh Trabelsi, (TUNISIA),


An Experimental Investigation on Precast Cement Concrete Paver Blocks using Fly ash

Maninder Singh, Pardeep Mehla, Professor Ajay Kumar,


Antioxidant Effect of Aqueous Extract of (Crocus Sativus L.) on Rats Exposed to Oxidative stress

Salwan W. Yousif, (IRAQ),


3D FEA Based Investigation of the Torque Production Capability of Different Rotor Topologies of Three Phase PMSMs

Anis Njeh, Hafedh Trabelsi, (TUNISIA),


Experimental Study of Properties of Concrete with Waste Marble Powder/Granules

Pradeep Mehla, Prof. Ajay Kumar, Maninder Singh,


Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks with Improved Lifetime using Adaptive Duty Cycle

Abhilasha Bharti, Apra Gupta, Dr. Rajesh Kumar,


Performance Evaluation of Cluster based Routing Protocols in WSNs

Ritu Rani, Anuj Kumar,


An Offline Handwritten Signature Verification System - A Comprehensive Review

Ms. Deepti Joon, Ms. Shaloo Kikon,