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Vol. 2, Issue 1 (January 2015)

Papers are being invited from the authors/researchers for publication in the IJERMDC, ISSN: 2349-1590, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Jan.-2015. Manuscripts are being uploaded soon after the Reviewer's decision and submission of copyright form & Processing charges by the Authors. Many of the manuscripts are under review. We wish a very Happy New Year 2015 and a fabulous year ahead.

Downloads :-

Osteomyelitis due to Foreign Body (Battery Cell) in Ear - A Rare Case Report

Mamta Rohilla, S. P. Gulati, Sharad Hernot, Madhuri Kaintura,


Comparative Analysis of Clinical, Radiological and Operative Findings in Acute Abdomen

Bhavinder Arora, Ashish Gupta, Sourabh Nandi, Ankush Sarwal, Priya Goyal, Shekhar Gogna, R. K. Karwasra,


Influence of metric and non metric osteogenetic traits on the cranial architecture of population of Haryana

Dr. Manisha Kamal, Dr. Suresh Kanta Rathee,


Intestinal ischaemia in Buerger's disease in a patient presenting with lower limb gangrene: Case Report and Literature Review

Bhavinder Arora, Sourabh Nandi, Ankush Sarwal, Priya Goyal, Shekhar Gogna,


Selecting Abutments in Fixed Prosthodontics - A Review

Dr. Divya Kalra, Dr. Anshu Kalra, Dr. Shirish Goel,


Acute gastric outlet obustruction with PPI tablet

Dr. Bhavinder Arora, Dr. Hans Raj Ranga,