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In the past couple of years, science has exposed its potential in various areas, connecting humans to the molecules we are made of. We live in this universe, the universe lives within us. We are special because we are the same. The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. One of the most important messages the people of science conceived is, situations need an interdisciplinary approach to reach a practical and a useful conclusion. There are problems that require solutions to ensure the human race lives in a globally sustainable environment that influences life in every aspect from dust to DNA. The curiosity of the human mind has ability to seek answers anywhere it flourishes, from home to lab; from the petri plate to the computer software remedy awaits itself to be acknowledged by the questioning mind. The important thing is never to stop questioning. Through the main motif of the conference an attempt is made to give platform to researchers for showcasing their curiosity in Life Sciences. The hot topics of the subject help in bestowing the real potential of research which will be set new questions for the never ending exploration and setting a new expedition.

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Assessment of Biological Embodiment by Foldscope

Rushna Rais Ahmad Ansari


Folklore Usage of Meswak (Salvadora Persica L.) in Oral Care: A Review

Asba Ansari, Kamran Abbas Mirza, Moses Kolet


Extraction of Chitosan from Shrimp Shell Waste and its Application in Waste Water Purification

Akshay Anumanla, Areeba Ansari, Malika Ahuja


Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antibacterial activity, Phenol and Proline content of Terminalia catappa

Nirmalkar Vaishali, Momin Naziya, Ansari Heena, Shaikh Shahnawaz


Space Industry and COVID-19: An Insight into Their Shared Relation

Sibsankar Palit, Subhajit Hazra, Ripudaman M Singh


Response of Different Media on Growth and Sporulation of Alternaria Alternata Causing Fruit Rot of Pomegranate

Mahendra Dahiwale


Nutritional Quality of Fruits during Pandemic Covid-19

Kamran Abbas Mirza and Mahvesh Shaikh


Impact of Mutation on Metal Resistance in Pseudomonas Spp

Ranjana G Khade


Isolation of Microbes from Marine Water and Screening for Potent Microbe for Dye Degradation by Immobilization

Mukesh R. Pimpliskar, Khan Safa, Ansari Qunut, Shaikh Anam


Assessment of Microbial Load and Drug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Contamination on the Train Handles of Western Railways in Mumbai

Joel, Luvita, Ravi, Roshni, Sweety, Omkar, Candida, Swamini, Dr. Aruna